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A website has several components.


- The content of the site : the texts, photos and videos on the site. It is the core of the site, what it was built for, so content should be what stands out when looking at a site.


– The design : the “look”, the graphics, which gives your site the identity of your brand


– The domain name : this is the address of the site.

Some elements are not noticeable unless they are faulty


–The technology makes it possible to translate the page from a programming language into an element that everyone can consult. A site with malfunctioning technology will display with errors.


– Hosting is the place where the site is stored and which allows it to be accessible on the internet. A site without hosting will not be visible.


– Ergonomics : the structure of the site and the organization of the pages, which means that we find the information we want when we look for it.


A non-ergonomic site is frustrating to navigate and loses too many visitors. The website being at the center of your online presence, it sometimes integrates other internet tools such as a blog and elements of social networks.



All the websites we create are responsive and include one language and one basic application. For the development of a website that does not meet the criteria mentioned above, such as an online store, a marketplace, etc., a personalized quote will be provided.

  • The website is the heart of your company's online presence. It is the essential tool par excellence. It is a set of pages made available on your domain name and stored at your host. Your site is an important online presence tool. Indeed a site alone is useless, you have to determine how you highlight it, how Internet users will find it, its role in your internet strategy in order to achieve your objectives. Your website is a highly “modifiable” tool that must be adapted to your specificities.

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