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Audio and sound are today a true marker of identity and communication for brands and companies, whatever their sector. Not only on the phone, but also for radio advertising, podcast sponsorship and anything else that contains sound, starting with video.


For this reason, it is essential to create your own sound identity and have a real audio marketing strategy. In other words, you must implement an action plan aimed at deploying the sound, musical and vocal universe of your company.

  • The interest of sound for a company is the same as for all the other areas in which audio is essential, because it is:

    • Vector of emotion: sensory marketing is a reality and the sound provides real emotions that leave a trace in the brain associated with it.
    • Easily memorable: remember some bucolic musical notes from an advertisement for a brand of ham. It immediately comes back to your memory. Or, think of the voice of an actress who is familiar and pleasant to you, for example the famous voice indicating information in the station and more broadly the sound identity of the SNCF.
    • Engaging: what is also called “sound branding” offers real proximity to customers when the sound is well identified with a brand. This way, engagement is easier.
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